Our story

Deci delà are silks maps made to keep you warm and help you find your way, wherever you go. Inspired by by liberation’s escape maps and lightweight trekking’s multi-purpose objects, they are composed of 100% silk made locally around Lyon, France.

Escape maps

1940. British POWs in Germany receive intriguing parcels, containing apparently common board games. They soon discover that local maps printed on silk are hidden in the various pieces.

Escape maps were born. They would soon become an essential equipment far all aircrews and solidiers.

Our scarves

Ou silk scarves and shawls are meant to be both beautiful and useful. They are designed based on up to date geographical data, with various visual and color styles : old monumental maps, modern graphical maps, etc...

We work closely with our printers to achieve these goals, and provide you with high quality materials, deep colors, and the sharpest print.